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Jessie *Touche* Ding

Grace *Voilá* Kim

Anna *Rival* Lee

Ethnicity: Chinese

Interests: Gym, Mall, collecting coins/barbie dolls

Favorite Quote: "Everything happens for a good reason." - Mama Scorch

Big Sis: Janet *Mochi* Tuan (αP)

Lil Sis:

Lucina *Aurum* Tam (θΨ)

Peggy *Fresca* Liao (αAH)

Big Sis: Annie *Bling** Hong (αΨ)

Lil Sis: Nancy *Éclat* Cao (αAZ)

Interests: Live, love, laugh, children,

sports & traveling

Favorite Quote: "I cannot give you the formula

for success, but I can give you the formula

for failure -- which is: Try to please everybody."

Big Sis: Sarah *Rebel* Kim (αΩ)

Lil Sis:

Kristina *Reckless* Yao (θΨ)

 Yan *Renée* Zhao (αAH)

Saleena *FiZZ* Sherpalama

Ethnicity: Nepalese

Interests: Me, myself and I

Favorite Quote: "Do whatever you want,

whenever you want to."

Big Sis: Alice *Delicious* Lin (αΦ)

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