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FALL 2009

Julie *Starstruck* Butt

Ethnicity: Cantonese

Interests: Shopping, tennis and watching T.V.

Favorite Quote: "Success is something that you

need to fight for." - Giorgio Armani

Big Sis: Jennifer *Intrinsic* Li (αAΓ)

Lil Sis:

Christine *Solicit* Wong (αAI)

Chloe *Skyfall* Chan (ηΩ)

Zhenghui *Infallible* Lin (αAΛ)

Emiko *Driven* Okamoto

Ethnicity: European/Japanese

Interests: Everything

Favorite Quote: "Life isn't about waiting

for the storm to pass.. It's about learning how

to dance in the rain."

Big Sis: Andrea *Dart* Randrup (αAA)

Li Sis: Jennifer *Dynasty* Reyes (αAH)

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