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Shirley *Moscato* Chen

Yi Fang *Diaspore* Chen

Resha *Huayra* Dehiwala

Ethnicity: Chinese

Interests: Living life 

Favorite Quote: "Friendship is like peeing on yourself: Everyone can see it but only you get the

warm feeling that it brings" - Robert Bloch 

Big Sis: Chloe *Dasani* Lim (αΑΚ)

Lil Sis: Lauren *Prosecco* Kei (αΑΥ)

Ethnicity: Cantonese

Interest: Food, shopping, DIYs, music, Kanye, bowling, home decor, outdoor activities, dramas 

Favorite Quote: KISS Principle- Keep it Simple Stupid

Big Sis: Beena *mica* Wu (αΑΘ)

Lil Sis: Grace *Roseline* Chen (αΑΣ)

Ethnicity: Sri Lankan

Interests: Traveling, cooking, tennis, writing

Favorite Quote: "Jump and grow wings on

the way down."

Big Sis: Jenny *Impreza* Zeng (αΑΜ)


Jackie *CREED* Liao

Amanda *Inimitable* Rowe

Ice *Sorceress* Tam

Ethnicity: Chinese

Interests: Drake, chillin, make up, your man

Favorite Quote: "You want to get upper lip

done too?" - Nita, my eyebrow lady

Big Sis: Louise *SNAZZY!* Dominado (αΑΗ)

Lil Sis: Nicola *CAPSIZE* Lai (αΑΤ)

Ethnicity: Chinese 

Interests: Twerking and ramen

Favorite Quote: Just because you are trash

doesn't mean you can't do great things. It's

called garbage can, not garbage cannot. 

Big Sis: Hui *Infallible* Lin (αAΛ)

Lil Sis: Julianne *acadia* Lee (αΑX)

Ethnicity: Chinese
Interests: Volleyball, cooking, tennis, drawing,

traveling, hanging out with friends
Favorite Quote: Nothing is impossible, the word

itself says 'I'm possible'! - Audrey Hepburn
Big Sis: Michelle *Huntress* Tan (αΑΚ)

Lil Sis: Britney *Dawnfire* Mui (αΑΤ)

Michelle *Armageddon* Wu

Annie *Rosario* Zhao

Ethnicity: Chinese 

Interests: Sharks, YouTube, potatoes, body modifications (ie piercings, tattoos, dyed hair, etc.), mermaids, animals, cosplay, being a cat, modeling, marine biology, Instagram, Harry Potter, and most importantly, sharks

Favorite Quote: "Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable." -Banksy

Big Sis: Gabriella *Arwen* Yannotti (αAΛ)

Lil Sis: Rinka *Arcanine* Inkyo (αAP)

Ethnicity: Chinese

Interests: Volleyball, badminton, League of Legends, traveling, desserts

Favorite Quote: "We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses. "

-Abraham Lincoln

Big Sis: Emily *Rasasvada* Sui (αAΜ)

Lil Sis: Reiko *Reuwel* Zhang (αΑX)

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