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FALL 2017

Ida *Allanté* Chen

Rebecca *Solixir* Pang

Rinka *Arcanine* Inkyo

Ethnicity: Chinese

Big Sis: Yilan *Chai* Fu (αAΛ)

Ethnicity: Japanese

Interests: Dancing, singing, eating, baking

Favorite Quote: "Everything happens for a reason."

Big Sis: Michelle *Armageddon* Wu (αAΞ)​

Lil Sis: Emily *Arsenia* Zhou (αAΦ)

Ethnicity: Chinese

Interests: EDM music, napping, eating,

traveling, matcha anything, pugs

Favorite Quote: "Fear is temporary.

Regret is forever."

Big Sis: Christine *Carerra* Fan (αAM)

Lil Sis: Katie *Evantra* Chen (αAΥ)



Emily *Aventador* Tong

Interests: Chinese

Interests: Photography, fashion, skiing,

traveling, bullet journaling

Favorite Quote: “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

Big Sis: Jenny *Impreza* Zeng (αAM)

Lil Sis: Caitlin *Etherea* Andes (αAX)

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