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Eve *Scorch* Gao

Melissa *Reaction* Lee

Annie *Bling** Hong

Ethnicity: Cantonese

Favorite Quote: "You can't have a better

tomorrow if you are thinking about

yesterday all the time."

Big Sis: Jenny *Momentum* Lau (αT)

Lil Sis:

Fannie *Resilience* Wang (αAΓ)

Anna *Exposure* Wei (αAH) 

Beena *mica* Wu (αAΘ)

Ethnicity: Korean

Interests: Playing the piano and singing

Favorite Quote: "Everything happens for a reason."

Big Sis: Catherine *VroOM~* Lee (αP)

Lil Sis: Grace *Voilá* Kim (αAB)

Ethnicity: Mandarin

Interests: Snowboarding, tattoos, road trips, and cooking various forms of spam

Favorite Quote: "Never make someone else your priority if you're only their option."

Big Sis: Kathy *Oracle* Chung (αΦ)

Lil Sis:

Peggy *Convict* Chen (αAA) 

Sabrina *Dominate* Liang (ξP)

Teresa *Dash* Yue

Ethnicity: Toisan

Interests: Snowboarding, volleyball, reading, singing, listening to music, watching movies

Favorite Quote: "Every minute you spend mad or upset is a minute of happiness that you'll never get back."

Big Sis: Lulu *Rush* Chen (αY)

Lil Sis: Andrea *Dart* Randrup (αAA)

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