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FALL 2003

Ada *Helix* Chan

Irene *Femme* Tan

Mary *Solara* Yee

Ethnicity: Chinese

Interests: Playing volleyball, watching movies,

going to Happy Hour in the city, trying new foods

Favorite Quote: "F*cking A."

Big Sis: Mary *Seismic Wave* Lim (αP)

Lil Sis: Amy *Drift* Luo (αΦ)

Ethnicity: Chinese

Favorite Quote: "There's a reason

for everything."

Big Sis: Betty *Lilac* Chang (γH)

Lil Sis: Caitlin *Adieu* Date (ιH)

Ethnicity: Chinese/Toisan

Interests: Dancing, writing, basketball, taking silly pictures

Favorite Quote: "Cherish yesterday, live today, dream tomorrow."

Big Sis: Cynthia *Brittlestar* Dioquino (αO)

Lil Sis: Laura *Endeavor* Wong (αΦ) 

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